Kyrgyzstan 2013
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Kyrgyz-Alatoo Orto-Tokoy Reservoir View of Naryn

Through Terskej-Alatoo

From Terskej-Alatoo to the Naryn-Valley

Naryn-Valley Terskej-Alatoo

Tien-Shan panorama Near Kazarman

Near Kazarman

Foothills near Kazarman

Near Kazarman


Tien-Shan panorama

The yurt: summer dwelling of semi-nomadic herders

Horse and donkey provide transport in a rugged terrain

Provincial road Village road Tokmak impression

Graveyards and mausoleums

Switzerland ?

Panorama from 3000 m

Tough riders Horses and their riders
Lonely rider

Yaks Horses and their riders

Lake Song-Kul

Lake Song-Kul

Lake Song-Kul Megaliths

Yurts at Lake Song-Kul Inside a hotel-yurt Kitchen of a yurt-'hotel'

Packing up to move

Tien-shan panorma - China beyond the mountains

Saddles Traditional hats

Brooms Wall hangings
Osh-Bazaar Bishkek

Spices Everything Spices Flour Cereals Dryed fruit
Osh-Bazaar Bishkek

Spices Fresh fruit
Potatoes Sweetmeat Tourists
Osh-Bazaar Bishkek

Town hall

Soviet Opera National Museum Ala-Too Sq. Suburb

Past heros
Past industry

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